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Constitution and Rules (Second Edition) 2005

  1. Name: The name of the society is GEMS.

  2. Objects: GEMS was formed to perpetuate the friendships between members of the now disbanded Parents and Supporters Group of the Scout Association's Melbourne Gang Show. The Society achieves this by arranging social functions for the members.

  3. Executive Officers: The signatories to the GEMS bank accounts shall be any TWO of the four Executive Officers; Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

  4. Interpretation: In these Rules, unless the contrary appears:

    • "Committee" means the GEMS Executive Committee.

    • "Member" means a Registered Member of GEMS satisfying Rule #6.

    • "Committee Member" means a member of the Committee.

    • "Term of Office" means from one Annual General Meeting to the next.

  5. Membership Application/Registration: An application/registration form as shown in Appendix I must be submitted to the Committee by all prospective members. The form must be accompanied by the registration fee as determined by the Committee from time to time.

  6. Qualifications of Members: Members must be acceptable to a majority of the Committee.

  7. Subscriptions: Subscriptions will be as determined by the Committee from time to time.

  8. Register of Members: The Committee shall maintain a database containing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the Members. A report from this database will be circulated to the Members and continually updated as necessary to ensure that all Members have a current copy.

  9. Annual General Meeting: An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the last quarter of the year. The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

    • To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;

    • To receive the Committee's annual financial report;

    • To appoint the Committee for the next Term of Office;

    • To receive the annual report of the Committee.

  10. Committee: The Committee exists to carry out the ordinary business of GEMS. The Committee composition shall be set at each Annual General Meeting, and shall include the following office bearers:

    • Chairman - The Chairman controls the meetings, calls for votes when required, and declares their outcomes.

    • Vice Chairman - The Vice Chairman carries out the functions of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, and/or at the Chairman's request.

    • Secretary - The Secretary takes minutes of the meetings, and circulates them to the Committee Members, preferably before the next meeting.

    • Treasurer - The Treasurer keeps the account books up to date, banks all money received from all sources, reconciles the account books with Bank Statements as they are received, prepares a financial report for the Committee after each such reconciliation, submits all the financial records for audit when requested, and prepares the financial part of the annual report.

  11. Committee Meetings: The Committee meets as required to discuss GEMS business. A physical meeting of the Committee may be unnecessary if agreement can be reached by e-mail, telephone or other means. Quorum rules as below will apply to any such Committee decisions. If an actual meeting of the Committee is needed, all Committee Members will be notified of the date, time and location, at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Meetings will be conducted according to the following Rules:

    • Quorum: The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be four Committee Members. If a quorum is not present, no business shall be conducted at the meeting. The meeting may be adjourned as described below.

    • Chairperson: The Chairman, or in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, chairs meetings of the Committee. In the absence of both Chairman and Vice Chairman, a Chairperson is elected by the Committee Members present.

    • Voting: Voting on all matters will be by a show of hands. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson will have a second or casting vote.

    • Adjournment: At the Chairperson's discretion, any unfinished business at a Committee meeting may be adjourned to another time and place.

    • Members or non Members may be invited to Committee meetings for special purposes such as to give expert advice. This includes virtual meetings conducted be e-mail or otherwise.

  12. Alterations to the Constitution and Rules: This document may be altered by a two thirds majority vote of the Members. Meetings for this purpose must be advertised in the GEMS Newsletter, giving at least 2 weeks' notice of the date, time and location of the meeting, and details of the changes proposed to the document. Members will be given the option of casting a postal vote on such changes.

  13. Extraordinary General Meetings: The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time, and shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting if so requested in writing by any 10% of the Members. Such meeting shall be held within four weeks of such request.

  14. Winding Up or Cancellation: In the event of the termination of GEMS, any assets will be distributed among the current Members in an equitable manner determined by the Committee.

The original version of this document was passed by unanimous acclamation at the Constitutional Convention held at The Tardis, Inverloch on 14-15/2/1998, on a motion proposed by Tom Rolls, seconded by Bernie Brown.

The 19 Members present were:

Peter and Janet Allen
Bernie and Margaret Brown
Alan and Nicole Evered
David Evered
Dave and Leigh Hanna
Geoff and Dawn Hillyer
Rob and Bev Huntley
Steve and Elaine Nichols
Tom and Lois Rolls
John and Jean Sale

This second edition was approved by a substantial majority vote at the Constitutional Amendments Meeting immediately following the 2005 Annual General Meeting on 27/11/2005. 26 Members were present, and absent Members could submit postal votes. The minutes of the meeting give details of the voting system and results.