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Disk Bowls

1. History
2. Rules
3. SDDB Results
4. NDDB Results

1. History of GEMS disk bowls tournaments

In 1996, GEMS member Steve Nichols made a set of disk bowls equipment as a raffle prize for the Melbourne Gang Show Parents and Supporters Group (the precursor of GEMS). The game originated in caravan clubs. The raffle prize was won by another GEMS member, Tom Rolls, who kindly donated the set of Disk Bowls equipment to GEMS for use at The Tardis, a house in Inverloch owned by GEMS members Bernie and Margaret Brown.

The annual GEMS Disk Bowls championship comprises Singles and Doubles tournaments. Perpetual trophies made from driftwood are engraved with the names of the winners, who are obliged to take them home and display them prominently for the rest of the year. The competition is usually fierce, but is always accompanied by mirth and frivolity, not to mention vast quantities of food and great companionship.

In 2006, a second set of disk bowls equipment was made by Steve Nichols and donated by GEMS to Dave and Leigh Hanna at the Bridgewater Post Office. A Northern Division of the GEMS Disk Bowls Championship started in September 2006 at a GEMS weekend in Bridgewater. Competition was again fierce, with the usual blend of GEMS frivolity and friendship. Magnificent hand-crafted perpetual trophies were made by Dave Hanna for the Singles and Doubles (Northern Division) GEMS Disk Bowls Championship. These two events have joined the AGM as annual GEMS events.

2. Rules of Disk Bowls (GEMS adaptations in italics)

Adapted from the Rules as discussed and passed at the National Rally of Caravan Clubs at Horsham, December 1995.

3. SDDB Results

compiled from newsletters, annual reports and score sheets

# S24
01-01-2023 players
Singles: John SaleDoubles: Michele and Frank Gough

# S23
01-01-1921 players
Singles: Jeremy KirkDoubles: Jeremy and Lesley Kirk

# S22
01-01-1820 players
Singles: Liz ShieldsDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# S21
01-01-1725 players
Singles: Stan JohnsonDoubles: Joe and Liz Shields

# S20
01-01-1623 players
Singles: Margaret BrownDoubles: Alan Evered and Rory Rutherford

# S19
01-01-1514 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: Tom and Lois Rolls

# S18
01-01-1427 players
Singles: Bernie BrownDoubles: Steve and Elaine Nichols

# S17
01-01-1330 players
Singles: Delia WorthDoubles: Arnold and Liz Garvey

# S16
01-01-1230 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: Frank and Ann Gough

# S15
01-01-1125 players
Singles: Joe ShieldsDoubles: Dave and Leigh Hanna

# S14
01-01-1028 players
Singles: Rob HuntleyDoubles: Dave and Leigh Hanna

# S13
01-01-0921 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: Steve and Elaine Nichols

# S12
01-01-0814 players
Singles: John SaleDoubles: Tom and Lois Rolls

# S11
01-01-0716 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: John and Bev Huntley

# S10
01-01-0618 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: John and Jean Sale

# S9
01-01-0510 players
Singles: Phil EveredDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# S8
01-01-0414 players
Singles: Bev HuntleyDoubles: Tom and Lois Rolls

# S7
01-01-0321 players
Singles: Margaret BrownDoubles: Deborah Brown and Neil Ashcroft

# S6
01-01-0220 players
Singles: Bev HuntleyDoubles: John and Jean Sale

# S5
01-01-0117 players
Singles: Bernie BrownDoubles: Steve and Elaine Nichols

# S4
01-01-0021 players
Singles: David HannaDoubles: Bernie and Margaret Brown

# S3
01-01-9918 players
Singles: John SaleDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# S2
14-02-9819 players
Singles: Robert HuntleyDoubles: Peter and Janet Allen

# S1
04-01-9716 players
Singles: David EveredDoubles: Alan and Nicole Evered

4. NDDB Results

compiled from newsletters, annual reports and score sheets

# N11
28-09-1919 players
Singles: Eric WorthDoubles: Joe and Liz Shields

# N10
29-09-1817 players
Singles: Delia WorthDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# N9
30-09-1719 players
Singles: Steve NicholsDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# N8
03-10-1516 players
Singles: Margaret BrownDoubles: Dave and Leigh Hanna

# N7
27-09-1419 players
Singles: Delia WorthDoubles: Stan and Jenny Johnson

# N6
28-09-1318 players
Singles: Stan JohnsonDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# N5
01-10-1117 players
Singles: Eric WorthDoubles: Steve and Elaine Nichols

# N4
25-09-1017 players
Singles: Isobel GrovesDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# N3
26-09-0919 players
Singles: Arnold GarveyDoubles: Joe and Liz Shields

# N2
09-10-088 players
Singles: Bev HuntleyDoubles: Rob and Bev Huntley

# N1
22-09-0610 players
Singles: Leigh HannaDoubles: Dave and Leigh Hanna and Isobel Groves