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New menu system
posted: 15:05 ‍22-07-21
The menu system of the GEMS website has been rewritten to be more user friendly. A row of links in the black bar at the top of the screen will take you directly to the pages indicated.
Home - self evident.
Register - an online form to enter your details if you wish to join us.
Addresses - a PDF file listing GEMS members' address details (login required).
RBH (in yellow square) - Rob and Bev's home page. Explore Rob's other websites from here.

Below the Links bar is a drop-down menu which has links to the rest of the website's pages.

To help you to see where you are in the new menu system, the background of the active link or menu changes colour to gray.

Mobile friendly website
posted: 14:29 ‍17-11-16
The GEMS website has been rewritten to be mobile friendly. You can view the site on any size device from smartphones to TVs. Try resizing the window if you are viewing this on a Windows desktop screen, to see the page adapt to the screen size.